Erick Sommet

Born on the 16th of September 1968

Erick Sommet is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Bordeaux, France on September the 16th 1968.

Although art was always an attraction to him, family tradition pushed him into obtaining his Biochemistry Degree which once obtained did let him free to give a shot at the high wire profession of the arts with in his pocket a small safety net.

His constant curiosity draw him to work professionally in such fields as Haute Couture, Costume and Set Design, Movies, Interior and Furniture Design, all the while continuing to develop his art and expose in the many cities he lived in including Paris, London, Los Angeles y Nueva York.

He was also invited by the selection comity of the Florence Biennale to exhibit his work on their 2007 edition.

One of the major influences on his art came during a two weeks long stay at the Abbey of Fontevrault where at the age of 15 he got imparted classes into medieval art and handicraft.  This experience left a profound mark on his art that now makes a strong use of symbols and a saturated palette of colors reminiscent of stained glass art    

His art contains many layers of interpretations and hidden messages for the adverted public to discover. 

Some of the recurrent figures in his art are super human forms whose bodies, cleansed of all distinctive traits, become vessels for the interpretation of his own psyche in its different aspects and symbols From being a reflection of his inner turmoil, Erick Sommet´s art has become over the year a social tool for him to question his environment and to make the public see through his eyes by way of mirroring their experience through his own.

Always trirsty of knowledge and experience, Erick Sommet is also a trained musician (piano and Viola da Gamba) and singer