Chronos Protonogos

"Happy the eye which no longer looks, for all is presence and its own vision from outside itself looks at it!" Octavio Paz


The chrónos prôtogonos, in our era is understood as circular time and cosmic principle, linear time, fleeting and irreversible.

But time is not only "something that devours or denies life and the reality that surrounds it", it is an "agent of life", a "certainty of realization" and even the "bosom of life itself” and can heal the temporary agony of things through the instantaneous observation of the whole. It is also revealing of otherness, leap into the absolute, epiphany, presence of the cosmic mystery, rescue of primitive unity and plenitude, intermediary between consciousness and the real world

Faced with a time converted into an economic good without any relation to man, I propose the alternative of a plurality of temporality in which the inexorable transience does not prevent an appropriation of the events by the human being.


From large to monumental, this series recounts epic battles of survival, emotions and collective actions. Through this work, the eye of the public makes the surrounding world a genuine feast of the gaze in which the gaze and the viewpoint alternately become an eye and an image reflected in an infinite mirror.

First Piece:


At the beginning was the Void, and the Night, and the black Erebus, and the broad Tartarus; Earth, air, and sky did not exist yet. But in the infinite depths of Erebus, the dark-winged night bore a germ-less egg, from which Eros came out.

The egg is the origin of everything, a symbol of primordial unity. It is the image of the living completed, representing the fullness of being, which is gradually degraded to the non-being of individual existence. Eros is the power that integrates and reconciles opposites and contraries; it is the primordial force that unifies the differentiated aspects of a world torn by tensions.