Situated between cosmos and earth, between individuality and humanity, we, humans, are trying to intermediate between cosmic forces and reality and create a vision which translate the world for us.

Andre Gide once wrote: “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” Those “new oceans” Gide has mentioned, could be understood as efforts undertaken to describe the world and attempts to explain the origins of the world, a cosmogony.

The artist is a mediator between the known and the unknown, between an invisible level of reality, and a level manifested by its intermediary. He is a magician, or better, a shaman, who knows himself by way of himself, and who reveals to his people the mysteries of the hidden world by way of a journey, or immersion in the underworld, whence he extracts the treasures of creation-of Truth or Beauty-emulating, throughout, the figure of the Demiurge, with whom he identifies. 

Through this Cosmogonia series I explore my inner world and bring to light its inhabitants, recurrent figures, archetypes, gods, demons and tricksters alike.  In it, I expose a world centered on my being but that can be held as a mirror towards the public, allowing him to question his own identity and possibly identify with part of the exhibition.