It is established that our perception of an object or the world that surrounds us is influenced by knowledge (thus by memory), motivation and by the socio cultural factors.  I would like to add imagination to this list.

Dreamers and pragmatics alike have read in the sky the long codex of the clouds.  The imagination is in fact the well from which the child draws to name the sensations he feels from the heat of the maternal breast to the horse galloping in the clouds.  We are all doted of an innate imagination and it is the cognitive, motivatory and socio cultural influences that, by imposing themselves, will refrain or annihilate it’s activity in adult life.

 My work is a return to the state of innocence.

The photography, as a recording support, is the sensation received by the visual cells.  The paint becomes the support for my emotions under the direction of my imagination.

 My work is the attempt of rejection of the already lived; the stripping of the social being in search of the real me, l’Ego Veritae. 

The painting is an attempt to make the public aware of another possibility that is attached to each and every one of their six senses.

My visions are in no way a universal truth but my own truth, sometimes the one of the other, sometimes its lie.