I am what I draw.

What I draw is who I am.

Get out of here this is neither the time

nor the place.

How I miss you.

How can I see you, feel you still,

here in my veins?

The sweetest perfection to call my own.

I can not look at you.

For fear that the spell may be broken.

Where should I start?

You live in the depth of me.

You are me.

I feel you.

Everyone knows what had got me.

So evident and yet I cannot fathom it.

It doesn’t matter.

Nothing can stop me.


This series of work is about exposing mi internal cosmogony, unearthing its gods and demons , unmasking its actors and revealing their facets. Each piece is created through a long process of techniques involving brushed ink, transfer tint printing, feather work in ink and blood. The design process is a mix of willful imagery and a technique of free association that let the unconscious bring further meaning to the artwork.
The blood is a small personal sacrifice in order to give life to all those personages and far from its more sinister symbolism is taken as a bringer of life.
Each piece although being very personal is subject to free interpretation by the public who can transpose in it its own experiences and mirror part of his own self.