After several years living outside of my country of birth and having taken roots in countries so varied as England, the United States and Mexico I began to feel isolated, exiled; being neither from here nor from there. It is a very strange and very ambivalent feeling that turns out to be a blessing as well as a curse.  Being afar, one ends up outside the circle and can contemplate his life from afar and do not need to be involved in the exhausting details, but at the same time he looses those small moments of intense happiness that illuminate the path of our lives.

It is true that to go away, is to die a little; but to die is also to relieve ourselves of certain obligations.

The 12 paintings of “The Missing” works in the same manner, each one contains both extremes of the feeling.  Painted in ink, each picture, like a stained-glass, is made of a series of symbols that together conjures one of those feelings that I feel when afar.  Through these symbols each picture is connected with the others the same as the feelings.  For example the feeling of Fear that one experience when imagining that of his next of kin could have an accident gives birth to the sense of Impotence.  Also the Memory can bring one to Melancholy.